Welcome / Introduction Nothnagel
APOD Observations with VLBI geodetic antennas Tang
First VLBI Observations of the APOD-satellite on the Onsala-Wettzell baseline Haas
Design of the VLBI Transmitter for GRASP and simulations of positioning performance Bar-Sever
E-GRASP/Erastothenes: a satellite mission proposal submitted to ESA/Earth Explorer-9 call Biancale
VLBI simulations to GRASP-like satellites at GFZ Glaser
VLBI processing at ESOC Flohrer
Simulations studies of geodetic VLBI observations with an artificial radio source on the Moon Klopotek
Scheduling of VLBI satellite observations with VieVS Hellerschmied
Observing GNSS satellites with VLBI on the baseline Hobart-Ceduna Planck
Technical challenges in GNSS observations McCallum
Co-location on the ground and in space Kodet
Near-field VLBI Delay Models Jaron
DOR Theoretical Time Delay Model for CE-3 Experiment Huang
Near-field correlation with the DiFX Correlator Brisken
OCEL -Observations of the Chang'E-3 lander with VLBI Haas
OCEL - Data processing and preliminary results La Porta
Preliminary fringe fitting of Cheng'E-3 observations with PIMA Zhang
Algorithm and demonstration of fringe fitting for DOR tones Han
Scheduling, correlating and analyzing VLBI phase-referencing observations of Earth-orbiting satellites Anderson
VLBI with GNSS signals Haas
Advancing spacecraft Doppler and interferometric data processing technique for planetary science Duev
VEX2 and FS support for Non-sidereal objects Himwich
Deep Space probes as VLBI near-field targets: methodology and science applications Gurvits
Local correlation and orbit determination for DOR signals in Chang'E-3 Ma
Probing the gravitational redshift effect with VLBI observations of the RadioAstron satellite Litvino
  Proceedings of the workshop
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In: Proceedings of the First International Workshop on VLBI Observations of Near-field Targets, October 5 - 6, 2016,
A. Nothnagel and F. Jaron (eds.),
Schriftenreihe des Inst. f. Geodäsie u. Geoinformation, Vol. 54, ISSN 1864-1113, Bonn,
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