Proceedings of the
6th European VLBI Network

June 25-28, 2002

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edited by
Eduardo Ros
Richard W. Porcas
Andrei P. Lobanov
J. Anton Zensus
Max-Planck-Institut fuer Radioastronomie

Table of contents [PS | PDF]
Preface [PS | PDF]
Author Index [PS | PDF]

The beginnings of VLBI at the 100-m radio telescope [PS | PDF]
Preuss E. 1


Measuring Crustal Deformation in Europe by High Precision Geodetic VLBI [PS | PDF]
Campbell J., Nothnagel A., Vennebusch M. 5

Improved Positions of Non-geodetic EVN Telescopes [PS | PDF]
Charlot P., Campbell R.M., Alef W., Borkowski K., Conway J.E., Foley T., Garrington S.T., Kraus A., Nothnagel A., Sovers O.J., Trigilio C., Venturi T., Xinyong H. 9


The Active Surface System of the Noto Radio Telescope [PS | PDF]
Orfei A., Morsiani M., Zacchiroli G., Maccaferri G., Roda J., Fiocchi F. 13

32 Meter Radio Telescopes in the Arabian Region [PS | PDF]
Shaltout M. 17

Goals and results of the ad-hoc VLBI activity with Russian antennas [PS | PDF]
Molotov I., Likhachev S., Chuprikov A., Lipatov B., Dementiev A., Gorshenkov Yu., Kovalenko A., Konovalenko A., Stanghellini C., Tuccari G., Hong X.Y., Dougherty S., Shanks R., Liu X., Zhang J., Kus A., Borowski K., Quick J., Nicolson G., Anantakrishnan S., Sankararaman M., Shmeld I., Bervalds E. 19

Two-year program to upgrade Bear Lakes RT-64 for EVN membership [PS | PDF]
Molotov I. 21

LOPES - Detecting Radio Emission from Cosmic Ray Air Showers [PS | PDF]
Horneffer A., Falcke H., Kampert K.H. 23

Radio-Emission from Cosmic Ray Air-Showers - A Theoretical Perspective for LOPES [PS | PDF]
Huege T., Falcke H. 25

Software and hardware

An imaging software project Astro Space Locator (ASL for Windows): New methods and software abilities [PS | PDF]
Chuprikov A. 27

The new Bonn Mk IV - AIPS Data Export Path [PS | PDF]
Alef W., Graham D.A. 31

Status of the EVN MkIV Data Processor at JIVE [PS | PDF]
van Langevelde H.J. 33

Operational Issues of the Improved EVN Station Positions [PS | PDF]
Campbell R.M. 37

Mark 5 Disc-Based Gbps VLBI Data System [PS | PDF]
Whitney A.R. 41

New Methods

Radar VLBI activity with participation of Noto [PS | PDF]
Tuccari G., Molotov I., Buttaccio S., Kus A., Hong X.Y., Liu X. 45

General relativistic model for experimental measurement of the speed of propagation of gravity by VLBI [PS | PDF]
Kopeikin S., Fomalont E.B. 49

Phase Referencing Using Several Calibrator Sources [PS | PDF]
Fomalont E.B., Kopeikin S. 53

VLBI observations in Cluster-Cluster mode at 1.6 GHz [PS | PDF]
Rioja M.J., Porcas R.W., Desmurs J.-F., Alef W., Gurvits L.I., Schilizzi R.T. 57

Higher Resolution VLBI Imaging with Fast Frequency Switching [PS | PDF]
Middelberg E., Roy A.L., Walker R.C., Falcke H., Krichbaum T.P. 61

VLBI phase-reference investigations at 86 GHz [PS | PDF]
Porcas R.W., Rioja M.J. 65

1st Global mm-VLBI at 512 Mbit/s [PS | PDF]
Graham D.A., Alef W., Krichbaum T.P., Kraus A., Greve A., Conway J.E., Attridge J.M., Buretta T.A., Shute P.A., Titus M.A. 67

AGN and variability

Multi-frequency Study of Intraday Variable Sources [PS | PDF]
Cimò G., Fuhrmann L., Krichbaum T.P., Beckert T., Kraus A., Witzel A., Zensus J.A. 69

Compact Intraday Variable Radio Cores: New Observational Approaches [PS | PDF]
Fuhrmann L., Krichbaum T.P., Cimò G., Kraus A., Beckert T., Witzel A., Zensus J.A. 73

EVN and RATAN-600 study of AGN undergoing strong radio flares [PS | PDF]
Kovalev Y.Y. 77

Understanding Scintillation of Intraday Variables [PS | PDF]
Beckert T., Fuhrmann L., Cimò G., Krichbaum T.P., Witzel A., Zensus J.A. 79

New VSOP Polarization Images of BL Lac Objects [PS | PDF]
Gabuzda D.C. 83

Evidence of Non-Uniform Parsec-Scale Faraday Rotation in 2007+777 [PS | PDF]
Gabuzda D.C., Pashchenko I.N. 87

Space VLBI observations of the quasar 1351-018: tentative detection of apparent superluminal motion at z=3.707 [PS | PDF]
Frey S., Gurvits L.I., Lobanov A.P., Schilizzi R.T., Kawaguchi N., Gabány K. 89

Space VLBI monitoring of AO 0235+164 [PS | PDF]
Frey S., Gurvits L.I., Gabuzda D.C., Salter C.J., Altschuler D.R., Perillat P., Aller M.F., Aller H.D., Hirabayashi H., Davis M.M. 91

Models of the brightness temperature distributions in compact, extragalactic radio jets [PS | PDF]
Medici A., Lobanov A.P. 93

1546+027: Space VLBI observations of a compact quasar [PS | PDF]
Mosoni L., Frey S., Paragi Z., Fejes I., Edwards P.G., Fomalont E.B., Gurvits L.I., Scott W.K. 97

The soft X-ray properties and the VLBI properties of AGN from the CJF sample. A search for correlations. [PS | PDF]
Britzen S., Brinkmann W., Vermeulen R.C., Gliozzi M., Campbell R.M., Taylor G.B., Browne I.W.A., Wilkinson P.N., Pearson T.J., Readhead A.C.S. 99

Nuclear structures in gamma-ray loud blazars [PS | PDF]
Hong X.Y., Jiang D.R., Venturi T., Wang W.H., Tao A., Schilizzi R.T. 103

Kinematics of parsec-scale structures in AGN: the 2cm VLBA Survey [PS | PDF]
Ros E., Kellermann K.I., Lister M.L., Zensus J.A., Cohen M.H., Vermeulen R.C., Kadler M., Homan D.C. 105

Internal structure of compact relativistic jets [PS | PDF]
Lobanov A.P., Zensus J.A. 107

Oblique Polarization Structures in AGN and QSO Radio Jets [PS | PDF]
Aller H.D., Aller M.F., Hughes P.A. 111

Multi-frequency VLBI observations of the BL Lac object 0735+178 [PS | PDF]
Agudo I., Gómez J.L., Gabuzda D.C., Alberdi A., Marscher A.P., Jorstad S.G. 115

Is 0716+714 a superluminal quasar ? [PS | PDF]
Bach U., Krichbaum T.P., Ros E., Britzen S., Witzel A., Zensus J.A. 119

Supermassive binary black hole system in the quasar 3C 345 [PS | PDF]
Lobanov A.P., Roland J. 121

Structure changes in two BL Lac objects: ON 231 and OQ 530 [PS | PDF]
Massaro E., Mantovani F., Fanti R., Nesci R., Tosti G., Venturi T. 123

VLBI observations at 147 GHz: first detection of transatlantic fringes in bright AGN [PS | PDF]
Krichbaum T.P., Graham D.A., Alef W., Polatidis A.G., Bach U., Witzel A., Zensus J.A., Greve A., Grewing M., Doeleman S.S., Phillips R.B., Rogers A.E.E., Titus M., Fagg H., Strittmatter P., Wilson T.L., Ziurys L., Freund R., Könönen P., Peltonen J., Urpo S., Rantakyrö F., Conway J.E., Booth R.S. 125

86 GHz VLBI surveys of compact radio sources [PS | PDF]
Lobanov A.P., Krichbaum T.P., Graham D.A., Medici A., Kraus A., Witzel A., Zensus J.A. 129

AGN and their environment

Centimeter-band Variability in GPS Sources [PS | PDF]
Aller M.F., Aller H.D., Hughes P.A., Plotkin R.M. 131

The Diverse Properties of GPS Sources [PS | PDF]
Lister M.L., Kellermann K.I., Pauliny-Toth I.I.K. 135

Proper Motions in Compact Symmetric Objects [PS | PDF]
Polatidis A.G., Conway J.E., Owsianik I. 139

III Zw 2: Evolution of a radio galaxy in a nutshell [PS | PDF]
Brunthaler A., Falcke H., Bower G.C., Aller M.F., Aller H.D., Teräsranta H., Krichbaum T.P. 143

SCP-alpha diagram analysis of CSS sources [PS | PDF]
Sohn B.W., Mack K.-H., Klein U. 145

Radio galaxies in cooling clusters. The milliarcsecond properties of 3C 317 [PS | PDF]
Stefanachi F., Venturi T., Dallacasa D. 147

Global and EVN Observations of the CSS 2147+145 [PS | PDF]
Mantovani F., Junor W., Cotton W.D., Padrielli L. 149

Parsec Scale Properties of Low Power Radio Sources [PS | PDF]
Giovannini G., Giroletti M., Taylor G.B., Cotton W.D., Lara L., Venturi T. 151

Proper motion in Cyg A [PS | PDF]
Bach U., Krichbaum T.P., Alef W., Witzel A., Zensus J.A. 155

3C 310 and Hercules A: The pc-scale Study [PS | PDF]
Gizani N., Garrett M.A. 159

The Multi Wavelength Study of the two Unique Radio Galaxies Hercules A and 3C 310 - The story so far. [PS | PDF]
Gizani N., Garrett M.A., Morganti R., Cohen A., Kassim N., González-Serrano J.I., Leahy J.P. 163

The accretion process in the nucleus of the radio galaxy PKS 1333-33 [PS | PDF]
Venturi T., Pellegrini S., Comastri A., Morganti R., Vignali C. 165

Constraints on the circumnuclear absorber in NGC 1052 from Radio and X-Ray Observtions [PS | PDF]
Kadler M., Ros E., Kerp J., Lobanov A.P., Falcke H., Zensus J.A. 167

Thin disks and HI absorption in the centre of low power radio galaxies [PS | PDF]
Morganti R., Peck A.B., Oosterloo T.A., Capetti A., Parma P., de Ruiter H., Fanti R., van Moorsel G. 171

The Treasure Chamber in the OH Megamaser Mrk 273 [PS | PDF]
Klöckner H.-R., Baan W.A. 175

Observations of the OH Megamaser galaxies Arp 220 and IRAS 10039-3338 [PS | PDF]
Rovilos E., Diamond P.J., Lonsdale C.J., Smith H.E. 179

High-resolution study of two extragalactic H2O masers [PS | PDF]
Hagiwara Y., Diamond P.J., Miyoshi M. 183

Distant star forming galaxies, next generation radio telescopes and the radio universe before re-ionisation [PS | PDF]
Garrett M.A. 185

Towards proper motions in the Local Group [PS | PDF]
Brunthaler A., Reid M., Falcke H., Greenhill L., Henkel C. 189

Gravitational lenses

Multi-frequency VLBI observations of the lens system B0128+437 [PS | PDF]
Biggs A.D., Browne I.W.A. 193

EVN-MERLIN/Global observations of the gravitational lens MG 2016+112 [PS | PDF]
Porcas R.W., Garrett M.A., Nair S. 197

EVN/Global observations of the Gravitational Lens JVAS B 0218+357 at 8.4 GHz [PS | PDF]
Biggs A.D., Wucknitz O., Porcas R.W., Browne I.W.A., Jackson N., Mao S., Patnaik A.R., Wilkinson P.N. 199

Extraction of relative magnification matrices from VLBI observations of gravitational lens systems [PS | PDF]
Bähren L., Schneider P., King L.J. 201

Using VLBI Data to Investigate the Galaxy Structure in the Gravitationally Lensed System B 1422+231 [PS | PDF]
Bradac M., Schneider P., Steinmetz M., Lombardi M., King L.J., Porcas R.W. 203

Circumstellar masers and star-forming regions

Methanol masers and the earliest stages of massive star formation [PS | PDF]
Minier V., Booth R.S., Burton M.G., Pestalozzi M.R. 205

Methanol masers at high resolution [PS | PDF]
Pestalozzi M.R., Booth R.S., Conway J.E., Minier V. 209

EVN observations of 6.7 GHz methanol masers from Medicina survey [PS | PDF]
Voronkov M.A., Slysh V.I., Palagi F., Tofani G. 213

A collimated jet of molecular gas from the AGB star W43A [PS | PDF]
Imai H., Obara K., Diamond P.J., Omodaka T., Sasao T. 215

Towards determination of the Outer Galactic rotation curve [PS | PDF]
Hachisuka K. 217

A study of OH and H2O masers in the circumstellar envelopes around Miras [PS | PDF]
Murakawa K., Yates J.A.,, Richards A.M.S., Cohen R.J., van Langevelde H.J. 219

The Relative Spatial Distribution of SiO Masers in AGB Stars at 43 and 86 GHz [PS | PDF]
Desmurs J.-F., Soria-Ruiz R., Colomer F., Marvel K.B., Bujarrabal V., Alcolea J., Diamond P.J., Boboltz D., Kemball A.J. 221

2mm Wavelength VLBI of SiO Masers and AGN [PS | PDF]
Doeleman S.S., Phillips R.B., Rogers A.E.E., Attridge J.A., Titus M.A., Smythe D., Cappallo R., Buretta T., Whitney A.R., Krichbaum T.P., Graham D.A., Alef W., Polatidis A.G., Bach U., Witzel A., Zensus J.A., Greve A., Grewing M., Freund R., Strittmatter P., Ziurys L., Wilson T.L., Fagg H., Gay G. 223

The 43 GHz SiO maser emission around the Mira variable TX Cam. 62 epoch movie of the v=1, J=1->0 transition. [PS | PDF]
Gonidakis I., Diamond P.J., Kemball A.J. 227

Simultaneous 3mm and 7mm Observations of SiO Masers Around R Cassiopeiae: The Maser Line Ratios [PS | PDF]
Phillips R.B., Straughn A.H., Lonsdale C.J., Doeleman S.S. 231

Multi-epoch VLBA observations of 7 mm SiO masers [PS | PDF]
Yi J., Booth R.S., Conway J.E. 235

The life and death of stars

How is really decelerating the expansion of SN1993J ? [PS | PDF]
Marcaide J.M., Alberdi A., Pérez-Torres M.A., Guirado J.C., Lara L., Ros E., Diamond P.J., Mantovani F., Shapiro I.I., Weiler K.W., Preston R.A., Schilizzi R.T., Sramek R.A., Trigilio C., Van Dyk S.D., Whitney A.R. 239

5-GHz Global VLBI Observations of SN 1986J in NGC 891 [PS | PDF]
Pérez-Torres M.A., Alberdi A., Marcaide J.M., Guirado J.C., Lara L., Mantovani F., Ros E., Weiler K.W. 243

Pulsar VLBI observations [PS | PDF]
Rodin A.E., Sekido M. 247

Research for interstellar scattering of pulsar B0329+54 with VLBI [PS | PDF]
Semenkov K.V., Popov M.V., Soglasnov V.A. 251

Searching for very low mass objects around nearby dMe radio stars [PS | PDF]
Guirado J.C., Ros E., Jones D.L., Alef W., Marcaide J.M., Preston R.A. 255

MERLIN and Global VLBI Observations of theta^1 Orionis A [PS | PDF]
Garrington S.T., van Langevelde H.J., Campbell R.M., Gunn A. 259

The Equatorial Outflow of SS433 [PS | PDF]
Paragi Z., Fejes I., Vermeulen R.C., Schilizzi R.T., Spencer R.E., Stirling A.M. 263

Are Ultra Luminous X-ray Sources Microblazars ? [PS | PDF]
Körding E., Falcke H., Markoff S. 267

EVN+MERLIN observations of microquasar candidates [PS | PDF]
Ribó M., Ros E., Paredes J.M., Massi M., Martí J. 271

Investigation of magnetic loop structures in the corona of UX Arietis [PS | PDF]
Massi M., Ros E. 275

EVN and MERLIN confirmation of the LS 5039 jets [PS | PDF]
Paredes J.M., Ribó M., Ros E., Martí J., Massi M. 277

Sub-arcsecond Jets in the High-Mass X-ray Binary LS I +61o303 [PS | PDF]
Massi M., Ribó M., Paredes J.M., Peracaula M., Martí J., Garrington S.T. 279

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