Andrei Lobanov - MPIfR
 Staff Astronomer in the VLBI group at the  MPIfR (Bonn).
  Previous   Employment
 1996-98: Postdoctoral Fellow 

 1993-96: Junior Research Associate 

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 1. Physical applications of VLBI data: 

     spectral properties of compact radio sources; 
     probing the conditions in the broad-line region.
 2. Physics of parsec-scale jets: 
     relation between parsec-scale jet spectra and kinematics. 
 3. Parsec-scale jet in 3C345 (an archive of a dissertationwritten on this subject) 
 A more detailed statement of research interests.

 1. VSOP Space VLBI mission data processing. 
       Results:        1.6 GHz images of  2215+020 (a quasar at z=3.57) 
                              5.0 GHz images of  0836+710.
                            A double helix in 3C273
 2. Mapping the turnover frequency distributions in 3C120, 3C273, 3C345.
 3. Opacity effects in parsec-scale jets and central regions of 3C345, 3C309.1,.
 4. Kinematic and spectral properties of compact jets in 0836+710, 0235+164
     and 3C345

 5. Rapid radio variability in TeV AGN (Mkn421, Mkn501). 
 6. 86GHz VLBI survey of bright AGN.

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