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SED Animation

SED Animation i​s a python library of classes and functions for:

  • generating single zone synchrotron and SSC spectra from model and empirical data,
  • generating time series and their auto- and cross-correlations,
  • making simple caculations and plotting auxiliary data and calculation results,
  • handling posterior particle systems from approximate Bayesian computations, and 
  • generating movies of the evolution of the data over time.

A Jupyter notebook with simple examples is included that demonstrates how to generate an SED and animations from an example posterior that is part of the library.

This package is tailored to the case of Sgr A* and the model described in Witzel et al. 2021. However, we hope it might be of use for different applications, and we publish the code under a 3-Clause BSD License that will permit free use.

  SPIE Article


AIROPA  (Anisoplanatic and Instrumental Reconstruction of Off-axis PSFs for AO) ​software package makes use of independently measured atmospheric profiler data obtained with the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) side test multi-aperture scintillation sensor (MASS) and differential image motion monitor (DIMM, 8) and predicts the differential OTFs between different field positions. It is based on ARROYO, a set of C++ class libraries that aim to support simulations of electromagnetic wave propagation through turbulence and through optical systems. AIROPA includes C++ tools for predicting both natural guide star and laser guide star PSFs, as well as application program interfaces (APIs) for IDL. Furthermore, it provides extensive IDL modules for Fourier-based PSF manipulation and for PSF modeling from any externally generated aberration maps. These IDL routines and APIs are integrated with a modified version of StarFinder.

If you are interested in using AIROPA, please contact me or Prof. T. Do.