F-GAMMA legacy Program

The F-GAMMA (FERMI-GST AGN Multi-frequency Monitoring Alliance) was a program for the monthly monitoring of the broad-band spectra of about 60 selected Fermi-GST AGNs. It was operated by the VLBI group of the Max-Planck-Insitut für Radioastronomie in Bonn from January 2007 till January 2015. Both flux-density and polarisation variability was monitored.

F-GAMMA utilised several facilities in cm, mm, sub-mm, infrared and optical bands, achieving an unprecedented coverage for the study of the spectral evolution of powerful relativistic jets in AGNs. The pivoting facilities were the 100 m radio telescope in Effelsberg (Germany), the 30 m IRAM radio telescope at Pico Veleta (Spain) and the 12-m APEX telescope (Chile). The frequency coverage included 12 frequencies between 2.64 and 345 GHz. The effective mean cadence has been 1-1.3 months.  

For data or other requests please contact: Emmanouil Angelakis

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