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1420-MHz All Sky 408-MHz All Sky

Survey enables users to pick a region of the sky and to obtain images at a number of wavelengths.

Links: survey parameters ; original publications

To access Survey enter RA and DEC or galactic longitude and latitude, map size, and tabular interval.
Choose a coordinate system, projection type, and a survey and submit the request.
Input to all six input fields is mandatory!

Centre Coordinates :
(e.g. 18 15 00 -12 00 00 or 273.75 -12. for RA-DEC, or 18.5 +2.5 for L-B)
"+" or "-" is required in front of DEC/Latitude. In case of HMS do not use any fraction !

Map Size in degrees (in x and y):

Pixel Spacing in arcmin in x and y (-1.0 => original values) :

Coordinate system :

Projection type :
Article about projections (map size < 5 ° => no difference between sin-, arc-, and tan)

Select a Survey :
Information on the surveys

Last step for getting data:

Contact: Patricia Reich , preich_at_mpifr-bonn.mpg.de
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