• Have a look at: Atlas of magnetic fields - compiled from data observed with the Effelsberg, VLA and ATCA radio telescopes bfield


  • Magnetic fields in disks and halos of spiral galaxies
  • Dynamo action and its observational signature
  • Origin and morphology of radio halos
  • Galaxy formation and evolution
  • Morphology and dynamics of molecular gas in galaxies
  • Cold dust in galaxies
  • Physical conditions in the ISM in nearby galaxies
  • Radio jets and their magnetic fields
  • Faraday tomography with RM-synthesis techniques

    My work is based on radio line-, continuum- and polarization- observations from submm to cm wavelength range with many different telescopes like the 100-m Effelsberg, VLA, Pico Veleta, Plateau de Bure Interferometer, Nobeyama 45-m and Millimeter Array, SEST, Heinrich-Hertz-Telescope, and now the EVLA. I'm involved in the CHANG-ES project - an EVLA survey of nearby edge-on galaxies with the EVLA and at present a member of the steering committee.

  • Here you can get the program bfield.gz to compute the strength of the total and regular magnetic fields from total and polarized synchrotron intensities as described by R.Beck & M.Krause, 2005, AN 326, No.6, 414. The program was compiled on ubunto 10.04 with gfortran --version. Please tell me if you need another compilation.
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