The Global mm-VLBI Array (GMVA)

Forthcoming Observations: Apr. 18 - 23, 2024

Last Observations: Oct 12- 13, 2023

Planned for 2024: Apr. 18 - 23 (session 1), Oct 10 - 15 (session 2)

Next Proposal Deadline : Aug. 1, 2024

for observations in Autumn 2024 and later

Recent News

Effelsberg 100m Radioteleskop, Bonn Plateau de BurePico Veleta Metsähovi

Onsala Yebes VLBA: Hancock VLBA: Fort Davis VLBA: Kitt Peak

VLBA: Los Alamos VLBA: Mauna Kea VLBA: North Liberty VLBA: Owens Valley VLBA: Pie Town VLBA: GBT

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