Peter Schilke

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Auf dem Hügel 69

D-53121 Bonn
Fax: (49) 228 -525 - 435
Phone: (49) 228 - 525 - 392

Astronomer in the Millimeter and Submillimeter Astronomy Group at the MPIfR .

Project scientist emeritus for APEX.

Research interests include spectral line surveys , astrochemistry and high-mass star formation.

And here you can find my lectures on Star Formation 2005/2006, Star Formation 2006/2007, Star Formation 2007/2008 (printer friendly!), Techniques of Radio Astronomy and Radioastronomie.

There are some older lectures, which I held at the University of Bochum (in German), which may be of interest as well - although parts of them are not up-to-date, or not written in a way I'd do it now. Anyway, here they are:
Structure of the Milky Way and Radio Astronomy.

Here is my bibliography, and refereed articles.