Ralph Eatough

Postdoctoral researcher

Fundamental Physics in Radio Astronomy group

Max-Planck-Institut für Radioastronomie
Auf dem Hügel 69
53121 Bonn

Office: +49 (228) 525 122


My research interests are pulsar searching and timing. In particular I am working on searches for relativistic binary pulsars such as compact double neutron star systems or even pulsar black-hole binaries. I have also been searching for pulsars around Sagittarius A*, the supermassive black hole candidate at the centre of the Milky Way. All of these systems can be used for precision tests of theories of gravtitation.

Selected recent publications

"Radio polarimetry of Galactic Centre pulsars"
NASA ADS link here.

"Simultaneous multifrequency radio observations of the Galactic Centre magnetar
SGR J1745-2900"
NASA ADS link here.

"Observing Radio Pulsars in the Galactic Centre with the Square Kilometre Array"
NASA ADS link here.

"Pulsar-black hole binaries: prospects for new gravity tests with future radio telescopes"
NASA ADS link here.

"A strong magnetic field around the supermassive black hole at the centre of the Galaxy"
NASA ADS link here.

"Can we see pulsars around Sgr A? The latest searches with the Effelsberg telescope"
NASA ADS link here.

"Einstein@Home Discovery of 24 Pulsars in the Parkes Multi-beam Pulsar Survey"
NASA ADS link here.

"A coherent acceleration search of the Parkes multibeam pulsar survey - techniques and the discovery and timing of 16 pulsars"
NASA ADS link here.

"The Northern High Time Resolution Universe Pulsar Survey I: Setup and initial discoveries"
NASA ADS link here.

"Pulsar searches of Fermi unassociated sources with the Effelsberg telescope"
NASA ADS link here.

"Selection of radio pulsar candidates using artificial neural networks"
NASA ADS link here.

PhD thesis:

"A search for relativistic binary pulsars in the Galactic plane" - Jodrell Bank Observatory (2005-2009). Get a gzipped postscript here or a pdf here.

Test data

Note: Some test data currently not available.
AEI test data 1: PM0059_01871_21_8bit.fil.gz
AEI test data 2: PM0059_01871_22_8bit.fil.gz

AEI test data 3: PM0055_01341_21_8bit.fil.gz
AEI test data 4: PM0055_01341_22_8bit.fil.gz

AEI test data 5: PA0054_00181_21_8bit.fil.gz
AEI test data 6: PA0054_00181_22_8bit.fil.gz

Oxford FFA test data: PM0056_001.tar.gz
Oxford FFA test data, PSR J1910+0358: PM0159_010C1.tim.gz
Oxford FFA test data, PSR J1237-6725: PM0159_024B1.tim.gz
Oxford FFA test data, PSR J1840-0815: PM0160_00131.tim.gz

Training DATA, PSR 1: pulsar1
Training data, BPSR 1 : binary_pulsar1

Double pulsar test data: here.
Selection of binary pulsar test data: here.

More pulsar data: here.
More pulsar data: here.
More pulsar data: here.

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