Pictures of polyhedron models

It was proved in 1976 that, excluding the prisms and antyprisms, there are only 75 uniform polyhedra. A careful description of these was made in Coxeter et al. (1953). To make them, I have mostly used the nets in in Magnus Wenninger's "Polyhedron Models" (Cambridge). So far I have built 60 of these polyhedra, most of them appear below. Click on the picture if you want to see an enlarged version of it.

In these pictures, all triangles are red, all squares are green, all pentagons are dark blue, all hexagons are yellow, all octagons are pink, all decagons are light blue, all pentagrams are gold, all octagrams are a lighter shade of pink and all decagrams are brown. These are the colors used in Roman Maeder's website. If a uniform polyhedron has a single type of face (i.e., a single color in this collection) then by definition it is regular.

Some of the complex, non-convex polyhedra with icosahedral symmetry.

The image above shows mainly Archimedean polyhedra with icosahedral symmetry. Among these are two regular polyhedra: the icosahedron (all in red) and the dodecahedron (all in dark blue). Below, we can see a picture with all the archimedean polyhedra together.

A severe polyhedral storm!

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