Michael Kramer

Animations & Outreach


For talks and presentations, I have produced a number of animations. These can be downloaded and used if appropriate credit is given i.e. “Michael Kramer (MPIfR/JBCA)”

NOTE: Due to the large size only one animation is available at the moment. I am working on producing reduced versions of other existing animations. Please, contact me for further examples.

A Cosmic Lighthouse

Pulsars are compact, magnetized neutron stars which emit a narrow beam of radio light along their magnetic axis. As the magnetic axis is inclined to the rotational axis, the pulsar acts like a cosmic lighthouse. A radio telescope that is located in the parts of the sky covered by the lighthouse beam will observe the pulsar as a periodic radio source. One pulse period corresponds to a full rotation of the pulsar. Size: 1MB. Credit: M. Kramer (MPIfR/JBCA)

Also visit the Pulsar Sounds page at JBCA!