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I am interested in the physical causes of the clumpy and filamentary structure of interstellar clouds. To simulate interstellar hydrodynamics I have written a parallelized 3D Lattice Boltzmann (LB) code. The simulations of turbulent flows show that distinct structure occurs only at Reynolds numbers between 500 and 5000, i.e. at the transition between laminar and fully turbulent flow. This is the first astrophysical application of the Lattice Boltzmann method.

I have created some animated GIFs and FLI/FLC animations of volume rendered results of my 3D numerical simulations.

Click on the animated GIF to get a larger FLC movie of this Lattice Boltzmann simulation:

This example shows the
development of distinct
filaments and clumps at
the transition between
laminar and turbulent
flow regimes (Re=1500,

Shear flow animation
1 MB FLC File

More movies...

The LB code runs on the massively parallel mainframe Connection Machine 5 (CM-5), on the IBM SP-2 parallel supercomputer and on clusters of workstations using Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM) as message passing library and ADAPTOR as High Performance Fortran translator. I have also ported my Lattice Boltzmann code to the 34 node IBM SP-2 parallel supercomputer at the GMD Forschungszentrum Informationstechnik GmbH.

To compare the simulations with radio data, I have observed the quiescent dark cloud Lynds 1512 with the 100m telescope at Effelsberg. For the first time ``On-The-Fly'' and Frequency Switching techniques have been used together to obtain a large map of sulphur monoxide emission at 30 GHz.

You can read the abstract of my Ph.D. thesis about ``Three-Dimensional Parallel Lattice Boltzmann Hydrodynamic Simulations of Turbulent Flows in Interstellar Dark Clouds'' or retrieve the full text g-zipped (3.25 MB) PostScript file including 15 color figures. There is also a searchable g-zipped PDF version of the thesis.

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