Emmy Noether group

Funded under the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft Emmy Noether program, my group is doing research in the field of star formation and astrochemistry. It is hosted by the millimeter and submillimeter group at the MPIfR.

Scientific goal

My Emmy Noether group is investigating astrochemistry chemical processes leading to molecular complexity during low-mass star formation. The long-term ultimate goal of this project is to study the formation of complex molecules, and their survival or destruction in each step of the formation of a solar-type star, from the dark cloud to the protostellar phase and the formation of a planetary system similar to our own, and comets. Studying deuterium astrochemistry can provide key insights into these processes, and is chosen as a manageable first step. This research is strongly interdisciplinary as it requires laboratory studies (both for spectroscopy and study of chemical reactions), astronomical observations and modeling. This project will make use of facilities of the Max-Planck-Institut für Radioastronomie (APEX telescope, SOFIA instruments...), as well as German and European funded instruments (e.g. the IRAM facilities and the Herschel satellite), participating in enhancing the scientific output from these facilities, and will pave the way for exploiting this area of research with the ALMA interferometer. It may have impacts on extragalactic astronomy and studies of the early universe by providing new methods of investigation.

Group members

Group members

  • Dr. Bérengère Parise
  • Dr. Edwige Chapillon
  • Fujun Du
  • Fang-Chun Liu
  • Marcel Heuser, Schuler Praktikant (25. Januar bis 5. Februar, 2010)
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    Willing to join?

    There are at the moment no positions advertized in the group. It is however possible to join the group on external funding. Some possibilities include:
    PhD students: enroll in the IMPRS program
    Postdoctoral fellows: apply to a Humboldt research fellowship
    or to a Marie Curie fellowship