The Town

The conference will be held in the southernmost town of Europe, Ierapetra, located on the southern coast of eastern Crete in the prefecture of Lasithi. The average temperature in June is ~25 degrees Celsius and the average precipitation ~5.6 mm. Here you can find a map of Crete. Watch a video tour to Ierapetra here.


A compilation of pictures can be found here. Visit also nice shots of the town can be found here.


The conference will take place at the Center for Cultural and Social Care of the Metropol of Ierapetra and Sitia (see map below); Address: Filotheou A, 38 72200, Ierapetra 

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Crete and Ierapetra

Crete and Ierapetra have an incredible list of attractions that require days or weeks to be explored. Here we list things you can do during your stay for the conference in the vicinity of Ierapetra. Attaching holidays back-to-back with the meeting is highly recommended. At the end of the page we have a collection of interesting resources that may assist you in planing some holidays. 

Attraction in the town of Ierapetra

Venetian Fortress of Kales (“Καλές”)

The Fortress of Kales, built in the early years of Venetian rule and strengthened by Francesco Morosini in 1626 [4] to protect the harbor, is a remnant of this period, although local myth says it was built by the Genoese pirate Pescatore in 1212. Read more here.

The mosque (“Τζαμί”)

The mosque built in the town during the Ottoman period. Read more here

Napoleon’s residence (“Σπίτι του Ναπολέοντα”)

In July 1798 Ierapetra made a small step into world history: Napoleon stayed with a local family [5] after the Battle of the Pyramids in Egypt

Ιεραπετρα Museum

A list of very interesting exhibits from the Ierapetra history across the centuries.

Afentis Christos (“Αφέντης Χριστός”)

One of the oldest chapels in town dating from the 11th century.

St George Cathedral (“Άγιος Γεώργιος”)

St George’s Cathedral - the towns patron - erected in late 19th century. 

The Port of Ierapetra (“Το Λιμάνι”)

St George’s Cathedral - the towns patron - erected in late 19th century. 

A bit further out

Chrysi Island

8.5 miles for Ierapetra. A unique place. It involves a day trip. Catch the ferry to the island in the morning. It takes 45 minutes and returns in the afternoon. Absolutely exotic! 

Anatoli Village

14 km away from Ierapetra a picturesque village with a breath taking view of the Libyan sea.


Check this as well as this compilation of pictures.

All the beaches in the southern Cretan coast are particularly clean and safe. The only thing one must occasionally careful about is slippery rocks and off-shore winds.

Ierapetra’s coastline is already among the top quality waters you can find. Both to the east and to the west (towards downtown). Absolutely clean and safe with minimum effort. Only make sure you find a safe place without slippery rocks to get in. Along the beach there are places where you can also rent a chair and get your coffee served of course in a more organized style.   

Ierapetra’s Long beach is another attraction with a few kilometers of uninterrupted beach. Cleanest waters and plenty of space to get space peace of mind. It is some 15 km east of Ierapetra. Totally worth a half a day break. Restaurants are also available in the vicinity.  

At the east end of the Long Beach one can find the Psaropoula Beach which is named after a small traditional tavern there and means the small fishing raft. It is an absolutely recommended place. The beach is extremely well taken care of by the tavern owners. The tavern is excellent quality and prices. This is where I (E. Angelakis) take my family for swimming. It is must. 

Just around the corner of the Long Beach from Psaropoula to the east is Kakkos Bay. Another natural gulf. Similar setup as Psaropoula. Fantastic waters, beach, people, food and prices. Also a must!  

A bit further you can find yet another paradise Agia Fotia.


We you feel like breaking out for a day off it is totally worth visiting:

Marky Gialos, small fishing village. Fantastic to spend the whole day there and finish with a nice coctail at the old part of the village. A must!

Shteia is a beautiful town also totally worth visiting with a number of attraction in tits vicinity.

Some useful links

Here we append a collection of interesting resources that may assist you in planing some holidays.

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