All reconstruction algorithms that should be used by the LN DRS must be implemented as a subclass of ldrsDECONVOLVE or an already implemented algorithm. The code excerpt in source 1 shows the part of the configuration file covering all aspects of the reconstruction step.

MODULE4.TAG = "REC" MODULE4.LABEL = "Reconstruction" MODULE4.COLOR = "51 153 255" MODULE4.BOX = "3.25 1.75 3.75 0.75" MODULE4.IN1 = "PSF" MODULE4.IN2 = "TAR" MODULE4.IN3 = "RPSF" MODULE4.OUT1 = "IMG" MODULE4.OUT2 = "REC" MODULE4.ALGO1.TAG = "SBB" MODULE4.ALGO1.LABEL = "Simple Building Block" MODULE4.ALGO1.CLASS = "ldrsDECONV_SBB" MODULE4.ALGO2.TAG = "RL" MODULE4.ALGO2.LABEL = "Richardson-Lucy" MODULE4.ALGO2.CLASS = "ldrsDECONV_RL"
Source 1: Excerpt from the configuration file concerning the reconstruction step.

In the code excerpt, the properties have the semantics listed in table 1.

TAGThe tag is used internally and in the parameter files.
LABELThe label is used in the flow diagram.
COLORThe color of the box in the flow diagram (red, green, blue).
BOXThe position and size of the box in the flow diagram (x, y, width, height).
INThe tags of the files used as input.
OUTThe tags of the files produced as output.
ALGO<i>.TAGThe tag of an algorithm.
ALGO<i>.LABELThe label of an algorithm used in the algorithm list.
ALGO<i>.CLASSThe name of an IDL class that implements an algorithm.
Table 1: Properties of the reconstruction step in the configuration file.

Creating a New Algorithm

To implement a new reconstruction algorithm, the IDL class ldrsDECONVOLVE and one of the subclasses ldrsDECONV_RL, ldrsBUILDINGBLOCK or ldrsDECONV_SBB should be inspected first.