2.8 cm (10.6 GHz, Secondary Focus) Receiver


Receiver Data

TypeHEMT; cooled
Receiver Noise Temperature50 K
Frequency Range10.5 - 10.6 GHz
Bandwidth RF-Filters10.3 - 10.6 GHz
PolarizationLHC and RHC
CalibrationNoise Diode
VTO: yes
Broadband Polarimeteryes
FeedSecondary Focus Feed
1. IF2.2 - 2.3 GHz
1. Oscillator8.3 GHz internal LO, fixed
2. IF100 - 200 MHz
2. OscillatorULO2 2.1 GHz internal LO, fixed

Block Diagram


The system comprises 2 feeds, 4 channels and 2 Broadband Polarimeters. 8 data channels, 2 total power and 2 polarization signals per feed are recorded. This total power system is being used in a "software beamswitching" mode to observe extended sources. The feeds are mounted in a row in azimuth direction, having a distance of approximately 3 arcmin. The frequency scheme is fix, the receiver has built-in local oscillators that can't be changed.
The RF-filter is essential to protect against TV-satellites.
The system needs special offline reduction programmes.