2.2 cm (13.25 GHz, Primary Focus) Receiver


Receiver Data

TypeHEMT, cooled
Receiver Noise Temperature40-50 K
Frequency Range12.1 - 13.6 GHz
Bandwidth RF-Filters12.1 - 12.28 GHz / 12.9 - 13.6 GHz
PolarizationLHC and RHC
CalibrationNoise Diode
FeedPrime Focus Horn
1. IF1.72 - 2.48 GHz
1. OscillatorULO1 (x8) 1.331 - 1.418 GHz
2. IF100 - 200 MHz
2. OscillatorULO2 (x3) 2.1 GHz

Block Diagram


The 13.25 GHz system is a total power receiver with cooled HEMT preamplifiers. It is mainly constructed for spectroscopy measurements. There is no polarimeter available.
The broadband IF output is prepared to be connected via optical link. The V/F-Converters at the broadband detectors have a maximum frequency of 5 MHz to give enough resolution for pulsar work.

This system is part of the Primary Focus Multi Frequency Box #2 (PM 2).


Sky Frequency Tcal Channel A Tcal Channel B
13.04GHz 21.0K / 1.8K 22.7K / 1.9K
13.25GHz 20.8K / 12.1K 22.3K / 2.1K
13.45GHz 17.7K / 1.4K 20.1K / 1.9K