Transfer Web Page for VLBI Stations and Correlators

Transfer Priority

Correlator Experiment(+Station) Bandwidth (when indicated)
Available transfer rates for BONN Available transfer rates for RZ-BONN Available transfer rates for WACO
TO Bonn: 500m TO RZ-Bonn: 600m TO WACO: 50m
FROM Bonn: 950m FROM RZ-Bonn: 0m FROM WACO: 50m

List of Active Data Transfers

Started at Sent from Sent to Raid Experiment Name Preset Transfer Rate Port Serial Number
2020-01-27 12:16:00wzbonndatat2134oh450m263520200127121600
2020-01-27 08:55:00onrzbonndatat2134400m266220200127085500
2020-01-26 09:48:00ftWacodatar4930300m4622420200126094800
2020-01-22 04:24:36bdwacodata1r4929300m5000020200122042436
2020-01-10 15:00:00onHaysdata-st12rv139200mdefault20200110150000
2019-11-25 08:14:16kkwacodata1r4750kk300m5000020191125081416
Default tsunami port 46224
Default m5copy port 2630
Color coding of the Storage Information Table:
Green ≥10 % free
Yellow 10 - 5 % free
Red <5 % free Please avoid starting transfers!

Bonn Storage Information

Raid Via Server Size Free Note
/databonn/rzbonn1.7 PB110.7 TB

Haystack Storage Information

Raid Via Server Size Free Note
/data-st10evlbi136.2 TB6.8 TB
/data-st11evlbi154.4 TB23.3 TB
/data-st12evlbi154.4 TB22.6 TB
/data-st13evlbi154.4 TB4.6 TB

WACO Storage Information

Raid Via Server Size Free Note
/datasan01163.7 TB72.3 TB
/data1san019.0 TB8.5 TB
/data2san019.0 TB8.4 TB
/data3san019.0 TB7.9 TB
/data4san019.0 TB5.2 TB
/data5san019.0 TB6.1 TB
/data6san019.0 TB8.2 TB
/data7san0111.8 TB11.2 TB
/data8san0111.8 TB11.2 TB
/data9san0112.2 TB6.9 TB
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